40 years ago, two Japanese Saturday Schools were founded in The Hague and in Rotterdam. These schools were united in 1996 and became the Haag-Rotterdam Saturday School. In 2003, it moved to its current location at the Rotterdam Japanese School building. (We rent the building from the Rotterdam Japanese School on Saturdays). Since the foundation, the skilled teachers have been giving lectures of Japanese and mathematics lectures every Saturday. The school has been supported by Japanese government, Japanese companies in the Netherlands, and the parents who aspire good education for their children.

Because the students, the teachers and the parents continue cooperating to improve the school, the atmosphere is really lively and everyone is friendly to each other.

Furthermore, our school emphasizes the importance of extracurricular-activities, such as sports-festivals, school-recitals, a Saturday-School-club, and a making rice cakes party. Through these activities, children can become better acquainted with Japanese culture and nurture the relationship with their friends.

Moreover, we recommend that the students participate in English Exams, Kanji Exams, and several competitions such as essay writings, painting and calligraphy competitions. Many students pass the English and Kanji exams and get an award for successfully participating.

Every Saturday, children with various backgrounds and experiences get together and study happily. The students encourage each other as good friends. Our school is raising children who have an international mind and who will be active in the entire world in the future. Our school does not stop developing to offer better education.

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